Susulan #AJL29; Chef Wan kecam Qu Puteh


Ingatkan aku je yang rase iklan Qu Puteh ni agak keterlaluan dan over-shadowed rancangan #AJL29 itu sendiri. Ramai jugak yang merasakan benda yang sama dengan aku. Sehinggakan Chef Wan pun ada membuat komen dan teguran berkenaan isu ni.

Mungkin ramai yang akan kecam Chef Wan, mungkin jugak ada yang sokong. Jom tengok apa kata Chef Wan..

"I was trying to watch the Juara Lagu last night over TV3. After a few minutes i just got so irritated by that Qu Puteh thing that went off my head over and over again that suddenly become a huge turn off that i actually went off to my living room and rest and decided not to watch the show at all.

There this penyakit with Msian TV station trying to hard sell a product on such a prestigious annual event that is completely a turn off that all other world TV station will never do!

Pekak ke atau buta ke kita ni penuntun jika di ajuk kan sekali dua bahan putih itu noy to understand the product to the point the presenters pun nak menyebut dan permainkan benda tu over and over again. So distasteful.How can the branding and marketing dept of MediaP. Allowed such thing to go on?

I remembered years ago i had a big fight with the Nestle Team while doing my Maggi” Hey Good cooking” serie.She the head of Marketing bernama Jenny.

I was asked to mentioned Maggini almost every line saya bercakap..Mketchup tomato..MKrtchup Chili sauce..MKetchup sauce tiram etc…asal tertinggal Maggee kena repeat balik.

After a few show i got irritated and confronted her and her team. Its insane to mentioned so many time the word maggi ni as thought my penuntun di rumah tu Pekak!

Dah la logo Maggi tu sebesar2 yang amat di belakang saya tu.buta kan mata penuntun not to know my cookshow is sponsored by Maggi?

I was told by their marketing people since they paid me to do the job i should just follow what they say!

Wah masa tu darah saya menyirap…dah la atas meja tu mereka susun segala botol sauce..nescafe etc mcm ” Great Wall of China”..u know what i ” f…” all of them in their bloody face pushed all the botol on the floor habis pecah bersepai.Went back home and after that season refused to every cook with any Maggi product on TV ever2 again.biar pun sampai saya mati masuk ke lubang kubur!

That is why after that they took Chef Florence and Chef Ismail as their spokeman. For me Never again!Actually RTM lost alot of nestle revenue to be honest when i decided to walk away!

I hate being abused by people!"

Mungkin ramai yang tak bersetuju tapi aku bersetuju dengan pendapat Chef Wan ni. Bukan apa, its too much kot. Tapi ini sekadar pendapat sahaja, apa kata kau orang?

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